Work with Source: online workshops

Illustration by Rae Goddard, from Work with Source by Tom Nixon
New to the book? Read the Preface and Introduction.

Online workshops

  • Two-hour workshop on Zoom hosted by Tom Nixon.
  • An introduction to the core concepts of Work with Source, centred on Peter Koenig’s research on the “role of source”: the vital role of stewarding a vision as it comes to life.
  • Apply it to your unique situation through exercises and break-out groups to improve your chances of realising your vision in the world with more flow.
  • A wise guest co-host to bring their unique experience and perspective.
  • Group sizes limited to give plenty of space for everyone to ask questions.
  • A chance to make new connections with others exploring how to work with source.
  • A copy of Work with Source the book, delivered to you anywhere in the world, plus a PDF of the book to start reading immediately. If you’ve already bought the book (thank you!) you can deduct the price you paid.
Your host: Tom Nixon

What it costs

You’re invited to contribute €100 (£87) excluding VAT for the workshop, minus the cost of the book if you’ve already ordered it. I want this to be accessible to all, so those on lower incomes can pay less. See the booking pages for more details.

The workshops

Since the core content of these workshops is the same, I recommend booking only the one that most resonates with you. There will be future learning opportunities to complement these workshops announced later.

12 May 2021: Work with Source, awaken the Feminine and Honor the Masculine.

With co-host Fanny Norlin.

Fanny Norlin

26 May 2021: Work with Source and Growing a Thriving Global Community

With co-host Samantha Moyo.

NEW DATE: 10 June 2021: Work with Source and ‘Teal’ Organisations

With co-hosts Richard D. Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo, co-founders of The Hum and stewards of Enspiral, a network of next-stage organisations.

Richard D. Bartlett and Natalia Lombardo

More workshops being plotted

Subscribe to my mailing list to be the first to hear when dates are confirmed (you can unsubscribe any time). Here are some that are in the pipeline.

Victor Vorski

Victor Vorski

Past workshops

Would you like me to re-run a previous workshop? Get in touch.

Work with Source and How to Host a Vision with Others

With co-host Ria Baeck, author of Collective Presencing and a leading global practitioner of Art of Hosting.

Ria Baeck

Buy the book

You can buy Work with Source today. If you later sign up to a workshop, you can deduct the book price. The book is shipping globally and you also get a PDF version to start reading immediately.



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Tom Nixon

Tom Nixon

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