Work with Source: Realise big ideas, organise for emergence and work artfully with money (my new book)

Tom Nixon
11 min readMar 5, 2021
Work with Source book cover

“Brilliantly readable and very timely. The guide you need to build a purposeful business or social movement, see it grow, and keep the creative spark alive.”

- Caroline Lucas MP

My book Work with Source is available to order. Shipping from 18 Mar 2021.

Work with Source is aimed squarely at the courageous, creative and vulnerable souls who start social movements and purpose-driven businesses.

These founders know they have to get out of the way and decentralise the effort if they are to scale a collaboration, yet at the same time they sense there is an important role for them to play as the person who first breathed life into the endeavour: What Peter Koenig called the role of source.

The book is a guide for founders to understand their unique role in every step of the creative process they are stewarding.

Here are the opening sections of the book.

Preface to Work with Source

I am writing these words while the Covid-19 pandemic rages around the globe. It’s an event that’s finally shaking the whole world by the shoulders, making it undeniable that we are living in volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous times (VUCA, as complexity geeks call it). Ask just about anyone how their 2020 annual plan worked out and you may be met with laughter at the absurdity of the question. This is the reality that many less fortunate parts of the world have been living with for far longer than those of us in the West have. The pandemic is not merely a large bump in the “normal” road. The world is so deeply interconnected and fast-moving that VUCA is normal, so we better act accordingly.

The future sometimes feels bleak, and even terrifying, to me, yet I just can’t help being an optimist by nature. I don’t have the kind of blind, naive optimism which denies the reality of the challenges we face but that kind of hope I learned from the activist and author Rebecca Solnit, which is grounded in the reality that the future is so complex and…

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